3/18 5:00  Ron Scheffler- Lector
Dick Bobal- Eucharistic Minister           
C & J Seremula- Altar Server
3/19  8:30  George Stasko-Lector
Mike Halick-Eucharistic Minister     
Polaha - Kinney- Altar Server
3/19 10:30 Jack Bechtel- Lector
Robert Gyory & Michelle McCarroll- Eucharistic Minister
S & M Brogan- Altar Server
Sunday Readings: 1)Genesis 22; 1-2, 9a, 10-13, 15-19; 2)Romans 8:31b-34; 3)Mark  9:2-10

Sat.      3/11  5:00 PM Louis & Alberta Eby, Leon, Patty Manescu & Daughters

Sun.     3/12  8:30 AM Living & Deceased of the Holy Name Society

                 10:30 AM For the Parishioners

Mon.    3/13    8:30 AM Mary Pesarcek -Josephine Karpinski

Tues.   3/14    7:00 PM Charles Horowski-Mary Surdovel

Wed.  3/15    8:30 AM Clinton Lewis-Lewis Family

                               7:00 PM Stations of the Cross  (Lenten Meal at 6:30 PM)

 Thurs.  3/16   7:00 PM Dr. Stanley Montrom-Wife & Family

                   7:20PM Holy Hour for Peace!

Fri.     3/17   8:30 AM Viola Kincher   -Ken & Harry

Sat.    3/18    5:00 PM Donald Olewine-Ed & Alice Bauer

Sun.     3/19  8:30 AM For the Parishioner     

         10:30 AM Mara Wellington-Richard Golebiowski***************************

Vocation:  That the youth of our parish may be open to God’s call to the priesthood and religious life, let us pray to the Lord.
**The Sanctuary Lamps: The lamps will burn at the Main Tabernacle & in the Chapel for our parishioners. The Sanctuary Lamps can be reserved for your special intentions, place your donation of $10 in an envelope with your intention & your name (or donor) mark “Sanctuary Lamp”.(Mar 12-18)
Weekly Collection: 2/26/06
 Reg. Envelopes                                          4,907.00
Other Envelopes                                            673.50
    Total Deposit                                       $5,580.50
              2nd Collection       $862.50
Offering needed for ‘06 Budget
Weekly                                           $5,271.15
Offering received                       -   $5,580.50
   OVERAGE –YEAH!                $    309.35
NL Food Bank is in need of food, toiletries, etc. Place all donations in the big box in the bell room.
Call Vicky at 610-767-0596 to get tickets for “Wonderful Town” – NL Musical…this week!
CCD–Call -Becky-767-7627. Next class is Mar. 19th - 8:45 to 10:15 & 10:30 Mass!
Call Louise Bechtel at 610-767-2198 to join the Choir!  NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!
Lenten Rosary will be said at 8 AM on all Sundays during Lent until Palm Sunday – it’s a great tradition.
ABVMSN Credit Union -great loan rates!  New car  up to 5 years is 6% - New car – 6 years is 6.5% & Used Car up to 48 Mo. Is 6.5% & Home Equity loans 60 mo. Or less 6%-61 mo to 120 mo. Is 6.5%.  Personal uns. loans-12%. Call Chriss - 610-767-7957.
New Members
It is a great joy for us to welcome new members to our Parish.  Please register in order to participate in our various programs.  Please drop this form in the collection basket & we will contact you.
Name ________________________________
Address ______________________________
Phone Number ________________________
 ____ I want to join the Parish
 ____ I would like to receive Envelopes
 ____ I have a new address/phone number

Breakfast – March 12th!  All you can eat 9 AM – 12:30 PM…Pancakes & Sausage, Scrambled Eggs & Bacon, Home Fries, Coffee or tea all for $5 for Adults; Children 12 & under $3 and Under 5 eat free!  Tickets are available at the door! 
“BVM Helping Hands” -   Do you have a few extra minutes to help someone in need?  Or do you need a little help…call Mary Lou at 610-760-0664.
Marriage Encounter:  As a part of your Lenten Journey, pray together every day to strengthen your faith.  How about a Marriage Encounter?  The next weekend is April 28-30, for info call 767-0327.
Parish Information can be found on www.parishesonline.com under Slatington, PA –current bulletin is there – also links to Catholic Websites & the Diocese of Allentown…Travel Club News & our Church calendar is also there www.assumption.zoomshare.com is also a great site built for us for a Confirmation project-thanks, Casey!
Beginning Apologetics I- Learn more about your religion.  We will meet every Sun. evening at 6:30 PM…please join us any or all Sundays. Questions  call 610-767-2214.  Bring a Bible!
Altar Servers:  If your child is in 4th grade or up (male or female) and would like to serve at the Altar, please call John at 610-767-9241.
Soldier Roll Call:  Please pray for Sean Bailey(Iraq), Jared Unangst (Iraq), Anthony Gnas, Michael Kurtz, George Rennie (Iraq), Joe Bortz, Todd Fatzinger, Melinda Kazort, Angelique Ruch & Francis Mignoli.  God bless their families too!
Singles Group (ages 21 & up) will meet on Sat. April 1st at 6:30 PM in the Social Hall & go for a dinner out. C’mon it’s a night out. Join us!
SJN- Registration for SJNRS:  Kindergarten – a child must be 5 years old by Oct. 15th to begin school.  All grades:  we are a Catholic School & want to share Jesus, our mission, with your children…Call  610-826-2354.
Grief Support Group – Next session will be held April 11th -7:30-9PM (Chapel).  This is for those who have suffered the loss of a loved one, open to all.  Call Lou at 767-8283 or Gerry at 760-2676.
Congratulations to Ryan Hluschak!  Ryan wrestles for Drexel University – he will be wrestling in Oklahoma City in the NCAA Nationals on March 17th.  To qualify Ryan had to place in the top 2 in his College Conference!  Good Luck Ryan…we are cheering you on!!!  We are proud of you!
New Ministry!  We are starting a Prayer Shawl Ministry.  Do you crochet or knit…would you like to learn?  Join us March 14th from 10AM – Noon in the Church Chapel or 7-9 PM at the home of Rose Lorah – call for directions 610-767-4577.  We will be making Special Prayer Shawls for those who are sick or homebound.  Call Cathy for info at 767-0952.
March Preview
March 12, 19 & 26 – Apologetics I
March 12 – Breakfast
March 14 – Holy Name Society
March 18 – 1st Penance
March 19 – CCD
March 19 – Baptism (Chandler ) after 10:30 Mass
March 28 – Altar & Rosary
All Wed. of Lent 6:30 Lenten Meal & 7 PM Stations of the Cross!- Children’s Stations – Fri. 1:30 PM
Operation Rice Bowl-We will again participate…all proceeds from the Lenten Suppers & also your donations in the large bowl on the table in center of the Church will go to the poor. 
Engaged Encounter:  Is your wedding day coming soon?  Time to go on a Engaged Encounter- Call Joe & Mim Allison to register at 610-282-3083.
Congratulations to the Bennett family & Jaylynn Marie Bennett – baptized into the faith this week.  God bless you, your Parents & Godparents.

Lily Memorial:  If you would like to donate an Easter Lily to adorn our altar in honor of or in memory of a loved one, please place your $10 donation per flower in an envelope & place in the collection.  Mark on the envelope “Lily Memorial”.  Remember to include the person name and your name for the bulletin.  Deadline is April 9th.   
Lenten Penance Service will be April 11th – 7 PM


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